Cica Group

Cica Group is an experienced group of client-focused strategists, advisors, technologists and commercial contract managers. With a proven record in guiding enterprises to deliver complex technology projects, Cica Group came to Thirst ready to reposition their brand and grow their business.

Beginning with a plan

To begin, Thirst worked with Cica Group to explore and understand their business and marketing goals. From a deep dive on the market situation, internal skills, competitors and customer stakeholders we determined a list of actionable marketing recommendations to take their business forward.

Pioneering a professional brand

Although the business was strong, the original visual identity of Cica Group did not match the level of service quality they provided. Previously known as Collaborative ITS Consulting Australia, Thirst Creative helped to cement their existing business nickname into the formal brand name. The new Cica Group brand visual identity was designed to express professionalism, experience, trust and quality service, reflecting their new tagline “when experience counts”.

Launching a new site

To bring the newly created brand to the online space, the Thirst Creative team designed and developed an industry leading website for the Cica Group. Across all desktop and mobile devices the responsive UI effortlessly guides the user through the site. Additionally the Thirst content writers worked with Cica to develop captivating visual and written content that formed the basis of the site itself.

Presenting profiles

Communicating Cica Groups high level expertise and experience was important to the growth strategy. Thirst helped the Cica stakeholders to refine their personal profiles, including written copy and photographic styling. These profiles were then translated onto Linkedin profiles and a detailed people section on the site. Now, the people pages generate the most website traffic for Cica Group.

“Knowing the importance of brand consistency we ensured all social media channels represented the professional, Cica branding and fostered captivating content with the goal to lead traffic back to the new website to generate leads.” – Louise Johnson (Marketing and Communications expert)

A stand-out launch

Cica Group launched their new brand at the 2016 ITS World Congress in October. With Thirst by their side, Cica Group was showcased with a custom stand design, a mix of marketing collateral, plus stationery and giveaways. Thirst also handled the event management and social media during the event. The launch was a success, with Cica Group collecting some high value leads for 2017 and beyond.

‘We had an ambitious timeline to transform Cica Group by the conference date. From strategy to brand identity, web development and collateral creation the Thirst project team united to ensure all pieces of the puzzle came together seamlessly.’ – Victoria Marsh (Marketing Strategist and Project Lead)

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