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Box Hill Family Dentistry

Box Hill Family Dentistry (BHFD) needed a new website that would simplify the booking process for their patients and provide them with an accessible and multilingual platform that is easy to use. Our team developed an accessible, multilingual health site that meets Web Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 using a customised website template. The end result is a website that looks great, can be accessed across all devices, is easy to navigate and user friendly.

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Box Hill Family Dentistry (BHFD) is a team of qualified and experienced dental professionals who provide families with affordable and quality dental care. BHFD turned to Thirst after recognising the need to simplify their online appointment booking process. They also needed to provide their patients with a site that was multilingual and easy to use.

The team at Thirst were able to meet the needs of the BHFD team by applying their expertise and experience to develop an accessible, multilingual health site, that met the Web Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. A customised website template was designed by our talented developers which now allows for the display of the clinic’s key information in a captivating way across all devices. The new website template also allowed for a map integration of the clinic’s location to make it easy to find and a logical display of all the relevant booking information to ensure patients were informed throughout the entire process.

A customised booking request form was also developed for the site which now provides greater convenience to patients and increases the efficiency of BHFD’s internal processes. BHFD now have a website that looks great, can be accessed on all types of devices, is intuitive to navigate and user friendly.

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