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The Banking Code Compliance Committee


The Banking Code Compliance Committee (BCCC) is an ombudsman body who help banks regulate bank standard of service through adherence to the Banking Code of Practice.

Over the last few years, our team have formed a strong design partnership with the BCCC, formally known as ‘The Banking Code Compliance Monitoring Committee’ (CCMC), spanning across a number of disciplines including design, digital and branding. Upon their recent change in business name, the BCCC approached our team with a vision for a new visual identity to complement their shift in brand.


The BCCC were looking to make an impact with their new branding. The organisation wanted to stand out from the crowd, however they wanted to find a solution that would still maintain their image of authority in the finance sector.

Having worked with the CCMC on a number of projects over the last few years, our team understood the organisation and could apply this to a strategic brand brief. The logo concepts we explored were designed to stand out from the crowded banking space, as well as embody the ombudsman’s ever watching, authoritative eye.


We took the BCCC brand from blue to bold; with the brand identity evolving from an overused, corporate, blue colour palette into a vibrant gradient of orange and red. The new logo concept was grounded heavily in the concept of the ‘watchful eye’ – reflecting and symbolising the brands duties as an ombudsman body. The BCCC’s new logo is dynamic and bold, and allows them to stand out from a sea of government-led regulatory bodies as a unique organisation.

The new visual identity was rolled out across an exciting new website for the BCCC, which mirrored the brands uplift in modernity. Our team also applied the elevated branding across a new sequence of stationary and brand-led collateral.

This refreshed logo acted as an effective brand device, drawing attention to the organisations recent name change.


The BCCC’s brand uplift has given new life to the organisation, accurately representing the brand’s new name and bright future.

BCCC flat lay of website
BCCC new logo
BCCC business card design
BCCC web pages

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