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Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA)

Thirst Creative has worked with the Australian Cricketers Association (ACA) for a number of years providing design and brand solutions. They recently engaged our team to help deliver the ACA 2016/2017 Annual Report. The ACA needed a report that would speak to their stakeholders, showcase their people, highlight their achievements and communicate their values. Our team worked to the brief, delivering both a digital and print based publication that captures the heart of Australian Cricket and showcases the wonderful talent of their players.

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The Australian Cricketers Association (ACA) is a renowned organisation that acts as the collective and representative voice of past and present elite cricketers. The ACA has been an ongoing client of Thirst Creative since 2016. In this time, Thirst Creative have become brand custodians for ACA working on their annual report, sub-brand development, member handbook, member newsletters and eDMs, signage and office displays, animation videos, event promotion, brand guidelines and other publications.

For their annual report, the ACA needed a publication that would captivate the attention of their readers, provide detail of their operations, communicate their achievements in a visually engaging manner and humanise their brand. Our team, having worked with ACA previously on a number of projects, had access to an existing style guide which was used to inform the design choices for the annual report. Using high resolution photographs and colourful infographics, charts, tables and diagrams, our talented team were successful in presenting financial and statistical information in a way that sparked interest among readers.

ACA Annual Report 2016-2017: View online version here

ACA Annual Reports

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