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Annabel Barker Agency

The challenge

Annabel Barker Agency is a Melbourne-based literary and rights agency, representing Australian writing and illustration, specifically for children and young adults. Annabel Barker Agency’s aim is to find international recognition and success for Australian children’s books and their creators.

Annabel Barker approached our team with a need for a consistent brand and website that would appeal to authors, illustrators and literary agents alike, while also showcasing her down-to-earth personality. Annabel wanted to convey a level of professionalism, but also include modern and childlike aesthetics as to appeal to her target audience.

The goal

When assessing competing literary agencies, our team discovered an industry benchmark of cluttered websites with overloaded information and a lack of character.

The goal for Annabel Barker was to stray away from existing agencies and instead promote a contemporary brand that would remain timeless as the business grows.

The final logo required a calm and soft colour palette that would welcome Australian writers and illustrators to Annabel Barker’s professional agency, whilst also setting her apart from less visual competitors.

The process

The project began with an initial research session with Annabel Barker to better understand and develop her agency’s personality. After establishing Annabel Barker’s brand identity our team finalised the logo design; integrating a calm olive green colour palette. The typeface logo leaves room for growth as Annabel Barker expands into other markets and does not pigeonhole her agency to children and young adult writing.

The new visual identity was rolled out on the website and applied to collateral design including business cards and an email signature.

Powered by Squarespace, the website collates brand and client text and photography assets.
Our developers optimised SEO on the website by correctly positioning headings, implementing an optimised structure for page URLs and adhering to algorithm best-practice. The featured bright illustrations throughout the website channel traditional children and young adult novels and help enrich the site with a sense of wonder.

The outcome

Our team of designers and developers are incredibly proud of our work with Annabel Barker Agency. The branding is true to Annabel’s personality and professionalism within the literary industry, whilst her new website works as a perfect accessible online portfolio.

Annabel has expressed confidence that her contemporary branding will play a large role in helping Australian children’s books and their authors find international recognition.

Annabel Barker business cards
Annabel Barker website
Annabel Barker illustrations
Annabel Barker illustrations
Annabel Barker website
Annabel Barker brand guidelines
Annabel Barker email signature

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