Top 5 business website essentials

We all know what a great online experience is – it’s easy, it’s engaging, it’s trustworthy… it’s a joy! Your website is crucial to your business success because it showcases your brand, builds credibility, and creates customer leads and conversions.

Read our top five business website essentials and ask yourself – is your website as good as it could be?

Website Speed

Is your website slow or fast?

Users expect a swift online experience. The first five seconds of page-load time are critical for engagement and conversion. A slow website can affect your business's performance through lost sales and leads.

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Design and UX

Is your design and UX on point, or a bit flat?

Great UI & UX design should meet and exceed the users expectations in every way and at every touchpoint. From first impressions to longer sessions, what are your users saying about your website?

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Your CMS

Is your CMS as easy as pie, or does it make you cry?

A great content management system (CMS) allows you to update your website and build custom page layouts with ease and at speed. If your CMS is costing you valuable time and leaving you feeling frustrated, it's probably time to change.

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Your Tech Stack

Is your tech stack a mess, or a cut above the rest?

A tech stack is the set of technologies used to develop your website. They are the essential ingredients for a fast, secure and high-functioning platform. If your website is more than 3 years old, the chances are your tech stack is out of date.

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Your Security

Is your website's security rock solid, or paper thin?

Website security is no game. A hacked website or data breach can be a crushing blow for any business. What's your security setup? Do you have an SSL installed? What's your firewall solution? Are you using anti-malware software? Are your passwords uncrackable?

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