The pursuit of brand purpose in a pandemic

Over the last 2 years, many organisations have had to redefine their brand engagement strategies to meet evolving consumer needs in the face of the global pandemic and social upheaval.

Here at Thirst, we are big believers in the broader and positive impact of purpose-driven brands on people, the planet and profit. More than just a buzzword, purpose is the answer to the most profound question your organisation faces: Why?

A clear and meaningful purpose defines why your organisation exists - to solve a problem or meet a need in society, and that purpose informs the brand's vision, brand story, visual identity, and decision-making. It guides businesses through change and volatility, encourages emotional commitment, and motivates people to be more aligned.

Deloitte’s purpose is ‘Impact that Matters.’ Lifeline is motivated by living and breathing that ‘No-one should ever have to face their darkest moments alone’. Sephora’s purpose is simple: “A welcoming beauty experience that inspires fearlessness in the company’s communities”, highlighting the company’s “dedication to fostering a sense of belonging among clients and employees and to striving for a more inclusive vision for retail and beauty*.”These purposes are both powerful and clearly encapsulate the brand’s story and vision.

The pandemic has made a compelling purpose even more essential for businesses and brands in Australia with “88% of consumers seeking out brands with a strong purpose, but only 28% believe most brands have a strong purpose.” So how is purpose branding related to your business?

Thirst takes clients through an inspiring, robust and insightful discovery process to unearth a unique social intelligence. Success lies in Thirsts’ ability to put purpose into practice by uniting everyone behind the common cause, and assisting brands to authentically commit to transparency, to drive the change and to be accountable for positive impact.

What is the motivation behind why you do what you do?

What positive, meaningful and lasting impact could you have on your customers, employees, clients, and the community at large?

Need help defining your brand purpose?

A reset in 2022 presents the perfect opportunity to explore your brand’s strategic purpose with Thirst. If you would like to understand more about our purpose branding process and associated growth opportunities, chat to us!

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