The importance of talent branding in a pandemic

The Great Resignation, The Great Retainment, whatever the phenomenon is we are currently experiencing, the pandemic is having significant repercussions on many aspects of our lives and has led many to seek purposeful change. An Employer Value Proposition (EVP) Benchmarking Survey revealed only 23% of respondents will continue working in their current organisation after the pandemic ends (Gartner, 2021).

However from chaos, comes clarity. Over the past two challenging years it has become evident that an EVP is an important element of talent attraction, retention and employer branding.

By definition, an EVP is a unique set of benefits an employee receives in exchange for their capabilities, skills, talent and experience. As a recently certified Great Place To Work, Thirst Creative knows a thing or two about bringing to life a clear and compelling EVP through video content, effective programs and compelling campaigns.

By investing in a strong EVP, you can elevate your entire employment brand by:

  • Making your business a more desirable landing point for top candidates

  • Gaining new talent with powerful skills will boost employee engagement

  • Providing your customers another reason to work with you

  • Significantly impacting on the future growth of your company

Signals that your business needs to focus on or update their EVPs include:

  • Losing key talent to your competitors

  • Employer/ Employee not having a positive working relationship

  • A fractured or disjointed team culture

  • Struggling to attract the right talent

  • The perception of your business does not reflect what’s actually on offer

LinkedIn’s EVP is articulated in the #LinkedInLife slogan and offers a diverse set of benefits divided into categories such as health, family, passion, must-haves, and extras. Airbnb connects its employees behind the mission, “Create a world where anyone can belong anywhere”.

Here at Thirst, our motivating EVP is wrapped up in the idea of a refreshing creative culture. This is brought to life through encouraging our individual creative talents, recognising that work is only one aspect of our multidimensional lives, and having a supportive network including social activities and programs.

The pandemic has given the opportunity to organisations to build on a ‘people-with-people’ principle realistically. It needs to be integrated across the HR, marketing, sales and branding teams, and when articulated well could be the key difference in retaining good talent and attracting top employees. It can also take the conversation away from salary levels and allow it to focus on your overall offering, saving you money in the long run.

Need help defining your EVP?

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