Digitime webinar: No-code revolution

Digitime Webinar Series

Welcome back to Digitime! In this webinar series, we aim to provide you with an insight into the world of website development and digital marketing.

Developing websites without using code removes the barrier to entry for anyone to build and launch a website. With class-leading security, scalability and flexibility, the Webflow platform is now making it possible for all businesses to build powerful no code websites, quickly and effectively.

In this webinar, No code revolution, we discuss no-code websites, why Webflow is the superior option and how this compares to a headless approach. We’ll also discuss a recent website we launched for Watson Young with Senior Associate, Georgina Hoad-Coombe providing her insights. Senior Account Manager, Andrew Reynolds discusses the no-code revolution with our Digital Delivery Director, Karl Ervine and Web Designer, Brett Horan.

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