Branding & Employee Value Proposition: Why they need each other

Unpack what EVPs are, how they impact your company’s success, and where to start.

The first thing to understand about EVPs and employer branding: they'll fall flat unless genuinely embraced by all departments, from marketing and admin to sales and support.

While the success of an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) involves more than a compelling call to action, it's underpinned by essential branding elements. There are many important factors, but these three are key to making your EVP successful:

Authenticity is paramount: Transparency of organisation's purpose and values will attract candidates aligned with your culture and fosters trust among current employees. An EVP must stay relevant to employees' changing needs. A Seek study shows that strong employer branding boosts qualified applicants by 50%, cutting recruitment costs by half. The takeaway? Investing in talent branding attracts more of the right candidates and optimises recruitment costs.

Look at the big picture: The EVP should match the company's strategic aims and future vision to lure the right talent. It influences how the outside world sees the organisation as an employer. According to a CareerOne survey, 3 out of 4 Australian job seekers check out a company's reputation before applying. Plus, a whopping 84% would think about switching jobs for a company with a stellar name. So, a strong employer brand not only boosts your company's image but also pulls in both top talent and customers.

Unified messaging: It's essential to have a consistent EVP message across all your company's touchpoints, be it the careers website, job listings, social media, or internal communications. Your EVP should be conveyed in a way that's creative, consistent, and cohesive. According to Gallup research, companies with engaged employees see a whopping 147% edge in earnings per share. When the talent brand strikes a chord with employees, they're more involved, stay longer, and save costs.

It's not just our belief. Leading industry examples show that a standout EVP is key to attracting and retaining top talent. Crafting a great EVP is simpler when you tune into the goals and drivers of your employees and potential candidates.

So, which companies are doing EVPs well?

Strava: Personal Best

Clever, punchy, to the point. Strava’s EVP seamlessly aligns their product with their workplace culture. The rapidly expanding exercise tracking app and social network not only motivates athletes, but also drives its employees. Just as the app encourages users, Strava fosters innovation and growth among its team, highlighting their core values of progress and expansion.

Source: Strava

Innocent Drinks: Growing, Growing, Gone

Distinctive and memorable, Innocent Drink's EVP transcends the conventional—it's not solely about an employee's contributions during their tenure. The company proudly showcases the post-Innocent achievements of their alumni. Highlighted in the "Growing, Growing, Gone" segment of their careers page, this EVP resonates with high-calibre candidates who aspire to make a mark within Innocent and later, perhaps, launch their own ventures.

Source: Innocent Drinks

Thirst Creative: A refreshing place to work.

See what we did there? Our EVP is encapsulated in one word: refreshing. In culture, people, work-life balance and more, our agency stands out as somewhere to rejuvenate your creativity, not be drained of it. In sync with our name, our EVP seamlessly reflects not only our brand identity but also our operational ethos, resonating with both current and prospective talent.

Beyond creating unique positioning for your brand, we produce eye-catching content, like videos and graphics, to highlight it. With expertise in creative EVP’s and a deep grasp of HR nuances, we tailor our approach for varied industries. Together, we design an EVP that truly mirrors your organisation's culture and aims.

When it comes to crafting a successful EVP, here’s what we know for sure:

It’s more than just words: Our EVP development process is anchored in insight-driven strategy—it goes beyond just a statement. Data from a Deloitte survey reveals that 94% of Australian executives and 88% of employees view a distinct workplace culture as crucial for business success. Clearly expressing your Australian company's culture and values becomes the cornerstone of an authentic talent brand.

Creative storytelling is essential: We weave a captivating narrative around your EVP, engaging both your audience and potential talent. As per LinkedIn, 72% of Australian job seekers turn to the insights of current employees when considering potential employers. Offering genuine employee stories and testimonials gives potential Australian candidates a genuine glimpse into life at your company.

Ensure measurable outcomes: We demonstrate the tangible impact your EVP has on recruitment and engagement by examining employee engagement scores, retention rates, and assuring a positive ROI. When you invest in talent branding, you elevate your status as an employer of choice, enhancing the likelihood that top candidates will select your company over others.

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