Digitime webinar: Beyond the website - 3 services for your ideal stack

Digitime Webinar Series

Welcome to Digitime! In this webinar series, we aim to provide you with an insight into the digital marketing world. Our first webinar was very successful with some great insights discussed on the topic of Augmenting the Social Enterprise Experience with Craft CMS, watch the previous session here.

Optimising your website development tech stack is essential to creating a strong digital presence. Using industry-leading services and apps to create your website can improve speed, functionality and ease of doing business. Ultimately, combining best-in-class tools to piece your digital presence together will allow your organisation to become future-proof.

In our next webinar, Beyond the website - 3 services for your ideal stack, we discuss 3 tools to create your ideal website ecosystem including Algolia, Netlify and Jamstack. This session is hosted by our own Andrew Reynolds who is joined by Head of Digital, Olivier Michelet, Full Stack Developer, Nik Frey as well as the Assistant Brand Manager of Mountain Goat, Orla Dynes.

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