Nutrano - Delite Mandarins

Nutrano is one of Australia’s leading produce companies, producing some of Australia’s finest citrus, bananas, tropical fruits and blueberries. Delite mandarins are one of their premium mandarin varieties due to the seedless and easy to peel nature of the fruit.

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After working with Nutrano over the past few seasons to promote Delite mandarins, we continued this strong relationship in 2021. Entering the 2nd year of the pandemic meant the school lunchbox was packed away and supermarket traffic was well down, how could Nutrano drive awareness and sales for Delite mandarins?


Our designers were able to bring the Delite brand to life through creative design and personable character animations, which would broaden the appeal of mandarins and were rolled out as various campaign assets including live screen images, digital ads, social media ads. Our digital team was able to further engage audiences by refreshing and uplifting the existing website, creating a more interactive experience, and generate strong brand awareness with a social media campaign.

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Nutrano wanted to drive basket size and frequency

The Goal

After a challenging 2020 season, Nutrano wanted to drive basket size and frequency whilst retaining the prime position as children’s snack of choice and to win back SINKs and DINKs. As a result, the two main target audiences of the campaign were families with school children and SINKs and DINKs.

In order to appeal to this broad target audience, we needed to become more personable and relatable as a brand, and appeal to various customer segments through multiple channels including Woolworths’ magazine, Woolworths digital ads and social media advertisements, website and on animated live screens. These live screens also needed to feature a QR code that benefited from user acceptance and would connect them directly to the Delite website. The website itself also needed to be completely redesigned to better reflect the brand and product, and be more engaging and interactive.

Finally, our marketing team was required to create a social media campaign that would appeal to the two target audiences across multiple platforms to ultimately create brand awareness for Delite mandarins and drive sales.

Our designers created animated characters would be acting out various activities

The Process

Firstly, our designers created animated mandarin characters which would appeal to both SINKs and DINKs and families with school children. These characters would be acting out various activities including going to the gym, doing yoga, playing footy and babies playing with building blocks. These characters needed to be impactful as both static and animated characters so that they could be appealing across a variety of platforms and instances.

Other animations and engaging assets were also created to bring the website to life, which would act as the hub for the campaign. A new page focused on the growers was created, alongside the existing recipe page, to help encourage visitors to spend more time engaging with the website. A direct ‘buy now’ button was also introduced to the website, which allowed customers to directly head to the Woolworths website to buy product. This was complemented by the use of a QR code on magazine advertisements, which led customers to the website.

We were able to use a variety of assets across our social media campaign, helping tie together the range of platforms that had been employed across the campaign. This was split into two separate social media campaigns - one focused on brand awareness and another on engagement. The brand awareness campaign was targeted to a much larger audience with the goal to introduce people to Delite mandarins and to generate impressions. The engagement campaign was much more targeted, focused on getting people to click to the website or buy mandarins in store. We used Facebook and Instagram for these campaigns and targeted the relevant audiences as well as using retargeting and lookalike audiences.

Sucessful at generating brand awareness

The Outcome

The Thirst team was able to create engaging animations which represented Delite mandarins as fun and exciting. These were effective across digital ads, magazine ads and on live screens.

The website was able to generate strong traffic throughout the entire campaign with 15% more page views in the 3 month campaign. Content related to the growers was particularly successful.

The social media campaign was also very successful with the brand awareness campaign generating over 6 million impressions and the engagement campaign offering a cost per click of just $0.26 whilst generating 11,848 clicks.