Here’s Looking at You Kid

The power of a thousand words (and romantic images).

Here’s Looking at You Kid is a family-run, small batch distillery inspired to create unique Australian spirits.

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The Goal

Here’s Looking at You Kid was looking to create high-quality content for a marketing campaign that would amplify brand awareness.

The campaign needed to increase social media interest and audience engagement on such platforms. Here’s Looking at You Kid wanted to improve their SEO ranking and increase brand visibility. Overall the gin distillery wanted to provide insight about their brand, product and expertise and allow prospective buyers to quickly become loyal customers.

The Process

To build Here’s Looking at You Kid’s brand image, we began by photographing new products in our studio and updated existing images on their website.

By facilitating a strategic Facebook campaign, our team familiarised the target audience with Here’s Looking at You gin and earned brand credibility.

Inspired by the brand’s love of Casablanca, our team produced charming and romantic copy for social media posts that increased engagement and reeled in new buyers. As customers were exposed to captivating content on social media, they became advocates for the launch of Here’s Looking at You Kid’s Christmas range and emerging Sunset Gin.

While running a search engine marketing strategy on Google Adwords, we were able to drive traffic to the website and successfully convert leads into a loyal customer base.