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Website Maintenance

Give your site the care it needs

Website maintenance is critical to maintaining the security, performance and functionality of your website.

Regular maintenance of your website ensures your site is still compatible on all devices, your content is regularly backed up, your site remains secure, load speeds are still low and bugs are fixed. Here at Thirst Creative, we care for your site, giving you peace of mind while you do what you do best!


Keep your site secure

Fix bugs and test for performance

Ensure your site is still compatible on all devices

Make sure your users are still getting the best experience

“Reliable support is a must when launching a website. Our maintenance packages provide your company with a variety of ongoing, professional technical support to keep your website updated and functioning smoothly.”

Daniel Adarve

Web Developer, Thirst Creative

Website maintenance for improved functionality and usability

Regular maintenance of your website is crucial to ensure your site remains user friendly, secure, high performing, high ranking and compatible on all devices. Here at Thirst Creative, our monthly maintenance packages provide you with the opportunity to regularly review and manage your website to ensure it still exceeds its functionality and usability requirements.

Our highly skilled team of digital developers run CMS and plugin updates as they are released and alert you if there is any activity that requires your attention. Our digital team also setup and run monthly site backups to ensure the content of your site is never lost. These packages can be tailored to suit your needs.


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