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Podio Consulting

Streamline your business with Podio

Podio is a cloud-based collaboration and project management platform that aids businesses in streamlining their workflows. Podio works seamlessly with many of the most popular file-sharing services, customer support products and marketing tools – to be the platform that ties all your team’s work together.

Here at Thirst Creative, our resident Podio expert and Podio Partner is our Managing Director, Angela Harbinson. Angela’s deep understanding and experience from using the Podio platform allows her to help like-minded business owners and managers harness the power of Podio themselves – saving them both time and money!

Customise your platform to meet the needs of your business

Streamline your team’s communication with integrated workflows

Access efficient reporting and automation tools

Consolidate your sales funnel and monitor progress

“I save a full head count per week on automating workflow tasks through Podio. I now have visibility of the right data to help me make decisions across all areas of my business from sales, to productivity and profitability. Podio has transformed the way we run our business for the better”.

Angela Harbinson

Managing Director, Thirst Creative

What can Podio offer your business?

Podio has a vast array of functions available to suit the unique needs of your business. We have detailed some of these functions for you below:

General functions: reporting, workflows and web form integrations

Workspace functions: open workspaces, private workspaces, employee workspaces, file sharing and online meetings

Communication functions: status posts, likes, comments, instant messaging, video, audio and assignment of tasks

Task functions: task management, personal tasks, shared tasks, recurring tasks, personal calendar, workspace calendar and calendar integrations

Email functions: email to app, email to task and email to activity stream


Want to learn more? Check out our Carlton North Primary School case study and get a closer look at how Podio can transform an organisation’s productivity and workflow.

Our Podio partners

We help our clients to map their systems, create usable workflows and utilise automation to streamline business operation and ultimately bridge the gap between your people and efficient processes. 

With Podio, Thirst helps integrate your website and communications tools with your internal processes and daily workflow, using technology solutions to improve how you win and do business.

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