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Email Marketing

The must-have digital marketing tactic of today

Email marketing provides a huge opportunity to meaningfully and directly communicate to your audience. Even in the age of social media, email marketing can be a powerful conversion and customer relationship tool that should never be overlooked or underestimated.

Here at Thirst Creative, our experienced digital marketing team have the ability to develop creative eDM templates, transform your eDM strategy and implement effective email campaigns with comprehensive A/B testing, tracking and reporting capabilities.

Reach your audience in a place most people check every day - their inbox!

Transform your digital marketing strategy with email marketing

Target a qualified audience that already knows your brand

Accurately measure the success of your email campaigns

"Effective email marketing comes from keeping your content simple, memorable, visual and fun to read."

Jordan Ellis

Marketing Executive, Thirst Creative

What can email marketing do for your brand?

Email marketing is a great way to communicate with a qualified audience. Email marketing allows your company to consistently and conveniently re-enforce marketing messages among a pool of consumers that have a valid interest in your brand. Great right?! It is also one of the most effective direct marketing tactics used by businesses.

But wait, there’s more great news. Email marketing still remains a relatively low-cost tactic for brands to use. So this combined with it’s high level of effectiveness means that many businesses see a high return on investment from using email marketing tactics. 

At Thirst Creative, our team of digital marketing strategists and copywriters can work with you to develop effective email marketing templates or campaigns that produce the results you’re looking for.

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