Annual Report Design

Engage your stakeholders with a memorable Annual Report

Annual Reports have evolved significantly over the last decade to become a comprehensive marketing tool for your business that celebrates the successes, progress and culture of your organisation.

They are now much more than just a collation of financial figures and statutory reports, so it is increasingly important that the design and structure of your company’s Annual Report reflects the personality and vision of your brand. At Thirst Creative, we specialise in producing outstanding Annual Report designs and corporate publications that help businesses deliver impact and connect with their audiences.

Make your annual report stand out

Effectively engage your stakeholders

Create a report that reflects the personality and vision of your brand

Deliver impact and connect with your audience through design

“When choosing a design agency to manage your annual report, you need an agency with strong attention to detail, who understands complex stakeholder management and tight version controls, understands sensitivity of data and consistently delivers in a timely manner.”

Angela Harbinson

Managing Director, Thirst Creative

An Annual Report that simply presents facts, statistics and financial figures is unlikely to engage your audience. In fact, it might actually put them to sleep! It’s important to remember that those who are reading your Annual Report already have a valid interest in your company, which poses an incredible opportunity for you. Don’t let that opportunity pass you by through present a lacklustre and dull report.

These days, to ensure your Annual Report carries impact and acts as a key selling tool for your company, you need to communicate your brand’s story – more specifically, the last chapter of that story. Your Annual Report needs to be a compelling publication that accurately reflects the values, vision and mission of your organisation, and tells the journey of your success.

Effective storytelling can be achieved for your next Annual Report by strategically crafting the words you use and the visual presentation of your document. At Thirst Creative, our team of strategists, copywriters, digital developers and designers will work with you to craft an Annual Report that creates a unique, engaging and memorable experience for your audience. Some of the main elements we work with you to consider and develop include your Annual Report’s audience, objectives, theme, format, content, data presentation and overarching design.

Thirst Creative is capable of producing print and digital versions of your Annual Report to ensure it is accessible, engaging and memorable to all of your stakeholders.

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