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Visual Identity

Control how your brand is perceived

Your brand’s visual identity is much more than just your logo or the colour palette you use across your collateral. It is the sum of everything your audience sees when they look at your brand. Together, these visual elements tell a story, reflect your brands personality and influence how your business is perceived by your audience. 

At Thirst Creative, our team are here to assist you in developing a visual identity that ensures brand coherence right across your business, all the way through to your collateral. This way, we help you set up your brand strategically to become familiar, intuitive and memorable when experienced.

Convey your brand's personality and tell a story with your visuals

Ensure brand consistency at all touchpoints

Make your brand memorable and visually appealing

Create a visual identity that builds brand loyalty and trust

“The key to developing a powerful and consistent visual identity is to understand your competitive landscape, what you are trying to achieve and what your audience is likely to respond well to.”

Anthony Dillon

Graphic Designer, Thirst Creative

What is a visual identity and why is it important?

Your visual identity is the sum of all visible elements that make up your brand, including everything from the colour palette you use, to your imagery style, logo, graphics and more. Establishing a powerful visual identity for your brand creates consistency across these elements, expresses your values, conveys your ambition and ensures your brand carries the greatest impact at every touchpoint.

Your visual identity should be crafted in a way that speaks to who you are as a brand and is relatable to your audience. Beyond this, by developing a visual identity you also lay a firm foundation for your brand’s marketing and communication tactics going forward. This ensures that the person who is uploading your social media posts uses a similar and consistent style to the person developing your printed brochures.

At Thirst Creative, our experienced graphic designers and brand strategists are here to help you develop an outstanding visual identity for your brand that will set you up for success and reconnect you with your audience.

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