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Core Brand Idea

The one idea that inspires everything you do

A core brand idea is the simple concept that sits at the heart of your business. It’s the sum of your philosophy, your mission and your values that inspires everything you do. It is the reason your brand exists. It’s what drives you to deliver value to your customers day in and day out.

At Thirst Creative, our strategists help you take a deep dive into your business to uncover a core brand idea that is truly unique and can be applied to every aspect of your business.

Provide greater clarity and consistency across your business

Determine your objectives and identify key brand messaging

Communicate your values more effectively with your audience

Align your brand's future directions and decisions

“It’s the energy around your office. It’s that feeling you get when you interact with your clients and customers. It’s the thoughts your customers have when they think about or consume your brand. It is the essence of your brand that sits at the heart of your business.”

Michelle Alexander

Account Manager, Thirst Creative

What is a core brand idea?

A core brand idea is that piece of the puzzle that sits at the heart of what we believe in, inspiring everything we do and in turn inspiring our community. Though it’s not customer facing, it is felt through everything you do. It drives your decisions, your work, your people and your marketing. It is the essence of your brand that remains true. Once you have this idea your branding and marketing activities should essentially take ownership of this idea. You should also review each of your existing assets against this idea to ensure they still represent your brand with clarity.

At Thirst Creative, we run workshops to help you review your brand and uncover your core brand idea. During our workshops, you’ll be guided by and work alongside some our senior strategists to explore your values, mission, vision, positioning, personality traits and key messaging.

From here, we help you pinpoint the areas you feel accurately reflect your brand and identify those that need revisiting to ensure they really represent “you”. Our strategists combine your input from the workshop with consolidated market research and consumer insights to develop a core brand idea that accurately reflects your business and helps guide all of your future decisions.

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