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Communication Style

Watch your tone

The way your brand speaks can make or break the messages you’re sending out and how your audience receives them. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about your brand’s voice – the purposeful and consistent communication style of your brand through words and prose.

At Thirst Creative, our team of communication specialists work with you to develop the right communication style and tone of voice for your brand to ensure the messages you broadcast are an accurate and consistent representation of your brand.

Ensure consistency in your brand messaging and tone of voice

Differentiate your brand from the competition

Capture your brand’s personality and give your audience a reason to engage

Create long-lasting relationships with your audience

"Your brand’s communication style isn’t just a one-off event. It’s a string of interactions designed to create a long-lasting impression of who your brand is, what you stand for and what your customer can expect from you."

Emily Prust

Account Manager, Thirst Creative

What is a communication style and why is it important for my brand or business?

When we refer to your brand’s communication style, we’re talking about the voice your brand uses to communicate with its audience. In essence, your brand’s voice or communication style is the purposeful and consistent expression of your brand through words and prose. This includes everything from the language you use on social media, to the style of writing used in your corporate publications.

Whilst it is true that your brand’s tone of voice should always be adapted to the channel you are communicating on, it is critical that your overarching communication style remains consistent across various mediums. Brands and businesses that establish a unique and consistent tone of voice set themselves apart from their competition by speaking in a manner that ensures they are heard by their target audience.

Choosing the right voice and communication style for your brand or business is the key to successfully engaging your audience at every touchpoint and building long lasting relationships with them. At Thirst Creative, our team of strategists can provide you with the insight and guidance you need to develop a communication style that accurately reflects your brand and resonates with your target audience.

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