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Brand Architecture

Set your brand up for success

Brand architecture is an important foundation for any business. Just like the blueprint drawn up for a property, brand architecture exists to make sure every section of the business fits together seamlessly.

At Thirst Creative we work with you to clearly define the configuration of your brands, products or services, in a way that best caters to the needs and expectations of your customers.



Clarify your brand's positioning, naming and messaging

Understand the specific needs of your customers

Maintain, build and protect your brand equity

Ensure clarity and synergy between your brands, products and services

“Brand architecture is all about creating clarity in the midst of chaos. At Thirst Creative, we work with businesses to clearly define the configuration of their brands, services and products in a way that best caters to the thought processes of their customers.”

Angela Harbinson

Managing Director, Thirst Creative

What is brand architecture and why is it important?

Brand Architecture is the logical, strategic and relational structure that exists for mapping out your brands, sub-brands and subsequent products or services. Metaphorically speaking, it is the family tree of your business, outlining exactly where each unit sits in the big picture.

With the right brand architecture, you can define the way in which each of your brands, products or services links back to the overarching identity of your business. Different approaches to defining your brand architecture will influence the way that you connect with your audience, so it is important to establish a brand architecture that encourages the type of relationship you wish to form with your customers.

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