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The latest top performers in Marketing Automation

by Emily Prust
on 6 Jul, 2017

Did you know there are over 130 marketing automation software options out there? Having choice is great, but with so many potential platforms competing for your business, finding the perfect fit is overwhelming.

The big name players like Hubspot, Marketo, Act-on and Pardot have invested heavily in positioning themselves as leaders. As a result, they appear at the top of search engines when you’re looking online for comparisons. While these are well-known names, it doesn’t mean they are the best choice for your businesses needs. Recently, smaller software companies are starting to take on the big guys. Below, we share a review of four marketing automation software platforms that may be worthy of your attention.

Note: this is a completely unbiased (not sponsored) report on marketing automation solutions.

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1 MailChimp

Best known and most popular for their email services, MailChimp recently launched a free marketing automation service. It includes new advanced options to follow up leads who abandon carts and powerful new template automations to welcome subscribers. MailChimp’s platform has become a good option for eCommerce businesses that are yet to adopt a more complicated automation platform.

At the beginning of this year, MailChimp also released Facebook and Instagram advertising features. With these new updates, MailChimp is laying the foundations to take on the larger, more expensive automation platforms. With their current success and large customer base, MailChimp is set to be a huge contender.

Best suited for small-medium sized businesses with a smaller customer base, looking to focus on emails and social media advertising. Also ideal if you aren’t quite ready for the large extensive features or price tag of other solutions.


2 Exponea

Exponea takes a different approach to other software companies. They start by understanding your objectives, then match their solution to meet your goals. Also, if an Australian based server is a priority for you, Exponea has recently launched a server in Melbourne. Hurray!

Most automation solutions will offer analytics, but having more than just top line analytics is what sets Exponea apart. Exponea enables you to customise reports and dive deep into your data. You can then create dashboards that combine all your channels, giving you a 360 view of campaign performance. This software makes reviewing and reporting on campaigns easy.

The bottom line? Better analytics, better optimisation, better results.

To create integrated campaigns, you can build HTML emails, add analytics tracking and set up Facebook and Google Ads within a single tool. Its profile builder shows the activity history of users and allows for effective database segmentation.

Best suited for Medium to large businesses where campaigns are constantly running and high-quality reporting is a priority.


3 Net-Results

If support is a high priority for you, Net-Results offers unlimited support to help you use the software to achieve the results you’re after.

Net-Results harnesses easy to use drag & drop features to build your emails, forms, landing pages and campaigns. It has an A/B testing platform to test and optimise each campaign element. The segmentation feature lets you set up campaigns or workflows that filter clients based on contact details, activity and engagement level. It also has the ability to set segments based on any category that you have developed in your CRM software (like Salesforce). If social media is your key channel, Net-Results allows you to schedule, publish, listen and measure your social performance all in one place.

Best suited for SMBs that require a strong social media presence, in-depth data collection and advanced segmentation of leads.


4 Active Campaign

Active Campaign has an affordable (and very attractive) monthly price. It positions itself as a platform that listens and learns about your audience, sending the most effective message to help convert visitors into advocates. Active Campaign offer solutions for particular types of businesses targeting higher education, bloggers, e-commerce, agencies and SaaS businesses.

This personalisation acts as an advantage, as Active Campaign considers the unique needs of each of these businesses and offer solutions that can increase efficiency and meet specific requirements.

Best suited for SMBs and the specific target groups who are looking for a more affordable option that performs on a similar level to Hubspot.


Ready for marketing automation?

To get the best results from automation you need:
A powerful strategy + an adequate budget] x continuous optimisation.

The popularity of Marketing Automation is increasing as it allows you to identify your top performers, supercharge your marketing efforts and remove time-consuming, repetitive tasks. In future, it’s going to very hard to remain competitive without a solution of your own.


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