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5 tips to help you generate more leads from LinkedIn

by Angela Harbinson
on 11 Jul, 2017

With over 470 million members, LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site in the world. If that doesn’t impress you, it also ranks as the most effective channel for B2B lead generation.

From a business perspective, this platform opens itself to being ‘your oyster’. Setting a strategy and putting time into LinkedIn can drive results, allowing you to run highly targeted campaigns based on industries, skills and job titles. LinkedIn can keep you informed and help you get in front of decision makers to present your case.

Are you ready to harness LinkedIn’s potential? It isn’t as easy as setting up a company page and waiting for leads to magically stumble your way. Like all digital platforms, a clear strategy is needed to increase visibility and grab the attention of your potential prospects.

Want to lasso more LinkedIn leads? Below we share 5 simple ways that will help you to increase the number and quality of leads you generate from LinkedIn.


1 Create interest and grab attention

First impressions count and this holds true for your company’s page. Take a second look at your company’s LinkedIn page. Your eyes are naturally drawn to the header and profile image. If your page’s header is still the generic LinkedIn one, you’re missing an opportunity to make a memorable impact.

We created two recent client headers for Roundabout Group and Cica on LinkedIn- both headers are mobile responsive, interesting, on brand, visually appealing and complement the company logos.

Your company description is another area that is front and centre of your page. This is a section where a lot of companies go wrong. Most company descriptions will include a brief business history and an overview of your services. Stuff that people can quickly lose interest in…

Instead, use this section as a chance to create powerful content that speaks to your audience and swings them into action. The first two lines of your description are the most important. This is all LinkedIn will display before adding the words “see more.” So your goal is to hook your audience from the beginning with a short punchy statement.


  • Talk to your audience – keep it customer centric. (ie. “We’re a professional house cleaning service based out of Melbourne” vs. “Our cleaning service specialises in helping busy professionals like your”)
  • Use your brand personality to grab attention
  • Make it unique. Remember that most companies have a dry and generic description… so give your prospects something to be excited about!


2 Create Showcase Pages

Showcase Pages are LinkedIn’s version of  ‘landing pages’. They were introduced by the platform to help with lead generation and give you the power to develop contextual relationships with your specific audiences. Audiences can follow your Showcase Page without following your company page, meaning they will see more relevant content relating to specific products. Showcase pages give you the freedom to generate targeted product related messages as opposed to generic offerings that would be on your company page.

Microsoft uses Showcase Pages to show off their diverse product ranges and target specific industries. Have a look at these examples:


3 Publish relevant content

Publishing and sharing content on LinkedIn is one way to build your brand image, authority and start conversations. If LinkedIn is a valuable part of your marketing mix, look to publish industry leading content that solves your users problems.

Sponsor your most important posts and pin them to the top of your page to increase their reach. This way they will be ready to grab the attention of any new prospects. Remember to keep your content aligned with your communications strategy and brand personality when pushing it out. This way if your post leads someone to your website, they are getting the same messages, creating a consistent impression across multiple platforms.


4 Improve your visibility

There are a few ways you can act to increase your company’s page visibility. These include:

  • Ensuring your profile is complete with all relevant information: leave no field blank
  • Using a variety of keywords in your summary section: this section is not visible in the profile box but is important for search optimisation
  • Adding keywords into your specialities section: be sure to use a variety of specific words that explain exactly what your company offers
  • Posting regularly: keep your content fresh and meaningful
  • Pay to play: sponsor and target your content. You can target by company size, industry, seniority of job, geographical location and function.


5 Get a helping hand from Sales Navigator

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is something to consider if you want to use the platform to generate leads. This is a paid feature but is a nonetheless a powerful tool that can give marketing and sales teams an advantage.

Pricing for individuals initially starts with a 30-day free trial followed by A$79.99 per month (option to purchase annually at a discounted rate). Pricing for teams is set on a per seat basis.

With Sales Navigator you can focus on the right prospects and receive lead recommendations to help you increase reach. You can connect with your sales CRM and prospect tools, gain insights and send targeted InMail messages to key decision makers.

Keep in mind that Sales Navigator is only worthwhile if you have a strategy to drive ROI. If you take a non-tactical approach with, you won’t be able to reap the benefits.

Learn more: Should I be using Sales Navigator?


Ready for action?

Your LinkedIn company profile is a chance for you to show a human side of your brand. If you are in the B2B landscape, it can also be a cost effective lead generation and advertising platform.

At Thirst, our team of strategists can help you to create a strong content strategy for your brand and build LinkedIn into your marketing mix to generate more leads online.


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