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Emily Dupuche

Head of Client Services

With over 20 years of experience leading motivated teams and a history of building successful brands, Emily joins the Thirst team as our first Head of Client Services.

Working at top-level Melbourne based agencies across a range of industries, Emily excels at communicating with key internal and external stakeholders. Emily’s approachable leadership style is built on empathy and loyalty, as she always works above and beyond to achieve the best results for her dedicated team and clients.

Motivated by her passion for brand strategy and storytelling, Emily is rewarded by innovation and succeeds at bringing clients’ visions to life. As an entrepreneur and business owner herself, Emily understands the valuable role marketing agencies play for small and medium enterprises and is experienced in bringing both products and services to market.

Author of best-selling cookbook Food Babies Love, Emily is a lover of all food and can always be found busy in the kitchen with her family.


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