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Devang Sharma

Performance Marketing Specialist

With experience working in fast-paced agencies and client-side, Devang is our expert in performance marketing. With a natural curiosity for tinkering and a degree in Data Informatics, Devang’s early career began in web development. Devang’s specialties now include Google Ads, Google Analytics, SEO and email marketing.

Fascinated by the discipline of user behaviours and experience (UX) , Devang is a strategic thinker, always relying on data to drive solutions. His technical background guides his end-to-end approach to troubleshooting and optimising digital and advertising performance.

An expert in Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Devang has worked with a diverse range of household brands to improve their digital efficacy. Devang brings an international experience and cultural understanding to his role, always adapting to modern trends in the digital space.

In his spare time, Devang loves a game of chess or two, to satisfy his competitive problem solving


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