About us

We're the creatives, strategists, problem-solvers and digital experts that you'd want on your own team.

We believe in more

We feel lucky to have worked on a wide variety of branding, design, marketing and digital projects for over a decade. But what we've found that matters most to us is the lasting relationships we've fostered over the years. Our team and our clients inspire us to achieve more every day.

That's why more has become our essence, our purpose and our mission.

Our passion and our pursuit melds with that magical thing called "creativity" that propels outcomes to the furthest place they can go. We can do that for you too.

Let's do more together.

About Thirst Creative

Fuelled by a passion for great design and clear communication Thirst Creative was established in 2008 by dynamic husband and wife duo Ben and Angela Harbinson. Today, we offer end-to-end solutions and integrated campaigns for all businesses from startups to multinational corporations.

Using a strategy-first approach, we drive you towards your goals and objectives by delivering custom solutions that are right for you. Using the perfect balance of expert thinking and creativity, our team become an extension of your business - setting, creating and implementing ideas that drive results.

We also believe in giving back, supporting our community and organisations that are using the power of business to create a positive impact on the world.

What started as a small design studio is now a thriving, strategic, digital, design and creative agency that has continued to stay true to their beliefs and their "thirst" for more.

A social heart and responsibility

At the heart of everything we do is a steadfast belief in supporting the community, treating the environment with kindness and driving positive change.

Our working environment is a living reflection of the steps we take to reduce our carbon footprint and we enjoy partnering with like-minded social enterprises to give back as much as we can.

Additionally, we set aside time for our team members to volunteer, to work on pro-bono projects and to organise and participate in fundraising events that align with our values.

More than a perk of working with us, our care for others and the environment is a core part of the way we think, feel and act at Thirst Creative.

Interested in working at Thirst Creative?