If you build it, will they come?

by Angela Harbinson
on 14 Mar, 2017
Angela Harbinson

Have you got a great idea? You know – a product or a service niche that could help people, grow businesses, automate work or bring relief, security, pleasure, delight, entertainment or adventure to people’s lives? You’re not alone. There are millions of great ideas generated every minute. For an adventurous few, their ideas evolve into a business, and that’s where the real fun begins.

Whether you’re established or a startup, you’ll know a business takes time, money and energy to start, to grow and to sustain. What started as an idea becomes a living and breathing machine with production, staff, products, service offerings, premises, collateral, warehousing, logistics, accounts and admin.

The grim reality is that almost 50 percent of new businesses don’t make it to four years. Those that pass beyond four years are not guaranteed to succeed forever. Though there may be complex algorithms to calculate the ‘why’, the answers pretty simple:

No customers = No business.

The fundamentals of attracting and retaining customers

Customers (and the income they generate) are oxygen to your business. Without oxygen, we die. So how do you get your first customer, your next customer and your next. Then how do you keep those customers, fight off competitors and stay relevant in a market landscape that is moving at warp speed? It doesn’t matter if you are a global enterprise, an established business or a corner shop, there are two basic fundamentals to a successful business:

1. Have a bloody excellent value proposition
2. Tell people about it, repeatedly

Most businesses have a good value proposition. Your business might be faster, smarter, cheaper or better than your competitors. Or you might deliver something unique, new, market leading, or innovative. Whatever it is, point number one is rarely the problem, its point two. If you’re not telling your customers that you exist and (continually) communicating why you’re better than your competitors then HOW DO YOU EXPECT THEM TO CONSIDER YOU?

Insert Marketing. Hurrah!

How to make your business thrive

Marketing is the missing link between a great business idea and your potential customer base. Its purpose is to rally your customers, drive sales and, in turn, fuel your business growth. But many business owners fail to understand and invest appropriately in marketing. Most owners focus all of their capital into building their business and little is left to tell people about it. Marketing (in its many forms) should be viewed as an ongoing daily necessity of every business. In today’s crowded global economy, effective marketing may be the difference between life or a slow painful death.

Marketing is not always about selling. It’s an umbrella of things. It takes a view of your entire business and envisions your final results, it sits in your customer’s shoes and perceives you from their point of view. It builds invaluable customer relationships that create a loyal fanbase for your brand, that will ensure it survives when economic times are tough. All these reasons are why Marketing should be firmly instilled in all areas of your business.

Master your marketing this year with our exclusive Thirst Event

If you’re a business owner, marketing manager or entrepreneur with a great idea (or representing a great business) Thirst Creative have designed a free event just for you.

‘If you build it will they come?’ is our free event to show you how to invest your marketing dollar smarter, create more impact, attract more customers and allow your business to thrive. It is a one time only event on Wednesday 29th March 2017, hosted in Carlton, Melbourne.

We’ve brought together a panel of experts with big end of town experience, who are now working in or running their own thriving agencies.

The panel includes:

  • Honi Rosenwax, Director – Arize Communications (Public Relations expert)
  • Mathew Cummings, Managing Director – By All Means (Advertising expert)
  • Chak Ng, Managing Director – Alchemise Consulting (Sales & Marketing expert)
  • Tom Green, Digital Strategist- GMG Digital (Digital Marketing expert)
  • Victoria Marsh, Marketing Strategist – Thirst Creative (Marketing strategy expert)

We will be breaking down the link between sales and marketing, looking at the true worth of your marketing budget and uncovering the secrets to delivering your message across different marketing channels.

It will give you the expert knowledge you need to assess your organisational goals and make accurate investments with your marketing budget. Enable you to generate more customers, push through your business growth phase barriers and keep your organisation thriving.

Numbers are limited so secure your seat before they all sell out.

Learn more about our up and coming event here.



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Download your free Annual Report Checklist

Save time and money by following our checklist for planning and delivering your Annual Report.

Anual Report Checklist